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Due to unforseen issues the Burlington Regional Airshow 2007 has been postponed...

Military Support Form


Greetings!  This page is meant for military units with the need to access the approved DOD "Request of Military Support" Form DD2535.  Please feel free to download, copy, print, etc.
File size approx. 1645kb...

click here to download DD Form 2535

Below are links to the U.S. Armed Services websites.  This will allow you to view the approved aviation event sites for each of the service branches along with the contact info Burlington Regional Airshow 2005.
If you have any questions please contact randyplummer @
To view U.S. Air Force approved Aviation Event sites, please


To view U.S. Navy's approved Aviation Event sites, please


To view U.S. Army approved Aviation Event sites, please


To view U.S. Marines approved Aviation Event sites, please